Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lego Technic Planes: Sukhoi 27 Replica

Well, the model is finally ready! This model took quite a long time to build, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

In my opinion, this model is probably the most good looking of all three of my models. The Sukhoi 27 has a very curved shape, like most fighters do, and this made it quite hard to build, compared to the Hawkeye. Due to the space constrictions, I was able to fit in only 2 features, the landing gear and the retractable cockpit.

Usually, I use pistons which I have in my Technic collection to retract and lower the undercarriage. However, this time, the pistons proved to be too bulky to be fit within the slim body of the Sukhoi model. Thus, I designed a system based on the steam trains of old, where a steel bar connects the spinning wheel and the other wheels to make them all spin without the use of gears, pulleys, etc. In any case, the new system is very compact. It also retracts and lowers much faster the piston version. However, it is not as strong as the piston variant, but I hope to improve it in time.

The cockpit system is quite simple, using a single piston like it did on the other models. All of these systems connect to a switch, which then connects to a motor, allowing the user to alternate between functions easily.

I filled the wings with rods as I had on the other models. The tail sections is made using rods as well. One feature which I am proud about is the way the front part of the body droops, like it does on the real Sukhoi. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to pull this off, considering that Technic pieces are not meant for contoured and curved forms. However, in the end, I managed to do it. Other than that, the nose, like on the Harrier, is made by sticking gears one in front of the other.

Overall, I was very pleased with how this model turned out, even though it may have a few kinks. The prototype landing gear system works really well in a small space, even though it could be stronger. This build has mainly been focused on contouring and moulding straight pieces into looking curved. In conclusion, I am very proud of this model, and I enjoyed building it a lot.

Here are some pictures. I have removed the weapons from the wings to show certain key components of the plane.

 A view of the model as a whole.

A close-up shot of the gear system, which, as you can see, is very tight-knit due to the thin shape of the main fuselage.

A shot of the left-side wing, which is filled with rods as it was on the Harrier model.

A shot showing the front end of the plane. The big gear just visible underneath the extended piston operates the landing gear located directly underneath  

A front-end view of the nose showing the various gears that are responsible for giving the nose its shape.
The two exhaust vents on the backside, which channel the twin jets of gas which propel the plane forward.  

A wide-angle picture showing the back end of the model, which incorporates the tail section of the model as well as housing the two engines underneath it. 

This picture shows the droop on the front side of the plane, a feature which I am very proud off.
A shot of the front end of the fuselage clearly showing the lowered undercarriage. Due to its frailty, the wheel is bending forward a bit, a feature which I hope to remedy in the future.

A shot of the left underside of the model, showing the lowered back wheels of the plane.

A shot of the right underside of the model, showing the lowered back wheels of the plane. 
A front view of the model showing the opened door of the cockpit. This system is powered by a single piston. 
Finishing off, here is a shot of the whole model, showing the lowered undercarriage and the open cockpit door.

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