Monday, May 18, 2015

Lego Technic Planes: AV-8B Harrier II Replica

One day, I decided to make a AV-8B Harrier II replica made of Lego Technic . The end result depicted in the various pictures has motorised landing gear and cockpit and a manually operated weapons deployment mechanism. I designed this from scratch and it took me about 2 weeks to fully construct.

I used a simplified version of the Lego 42025 Cargo Plane's gear system and integrated it with a deployment system of my own design. The weapons deployment system consists of a gear-operated system which, when activated, allows for up to four weapons stored inside the wings to extend outwards.

The landing gear consists of two pairs of two wheels, one pair at the front and one at the back. They are powered by two pistons connected to each other. When turned, the wheels simultaneously deploy or are raised.

I tried to make the end model look as much like a Harrier as possible, but one feature which I could not quite get right was the drooping of the wings, which, on my model, were quite straight. However, I did manage to incorporate wheels on the wings, like the real Harrier has. My favourite feature on this model was the design of the nose cone, which I made by sticking several gears, each one smaller than the one before it (to form a kind of cone), on a rod, and then attaching the whole thing to the fuselage. This gave it quite an authentic look.

Since I had no pieces to fill up the wings, I improvised with rods, which, when completed, gave the plane a surprisingly good look. In fact, I filled the tail in the same way too, and the result was quite nice.

Below are some pictures showing the plane and its various mechanisms.

A shot of the plane from the top, showing its full structure. The rods that fills up the wings are visible.
A side view of the plane. The rod-filled tail can be seen in this shot. 
A bottom view of the plane showing the internal structure of the wing as well as the various weapons attached to it. 
A sideways shot of the plane from the back clearly showing the deployed undercarriage. 
A front shot of the plane showing it nose cone made of gears, a feature which I am particularly proud of.
A back view of the plane showing the tail structure and the back of the wings, which are a little thicker than on the real thing.
A top view of the back end of the plane.

A close up shot of the gears and mechanisms inside the fuselage, along with the rod-filled wings of the plane. The gear on the left controls the weapons deployment while the right one raises and lowers the cockpit.

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